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About us

At ULS we are extremely client-focused and pragmatic. This means that you will encounter no hidden fees or small type, that the final goal of our service is going beyond your needs, and our final invoice below your expectations.


On many occasions we have proven that a more pragmatic way of working can help save significant amounts of time and money - no matter what sector or region in the world you are in or want your goods to go.

 At ULS, we protect your business, merchandise and processes while saving you up to 37%!


We protect your business through:
- Fixed rates, no increases, long validity periods
- No guarantee deposits
- Up to 10 storage free days
- 21 demurrage free days
- No port maneuvers


We protect your processes through:
- Personalized advice
- Insurance against errors and omissions
- Proactive system (automatic warnings)


We protect your merchandise through:
- Real time GPS
- Insurance plans with no deductibles
- Inspection of merchandise in origin


… Resulting in savings of up to 37%!


ULS. Beyond Logistics. Beyond Logic.

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